Cosmos Percussion Ensemble

John Hannaford David Hight Alphonse Meredith


Cosmos Percussion Ensemble can create workshops for both private and corporate events, ranging from intimate to large in scale

We tailor our Workshops to your needs. All workshops incorporate the values of collaborative work, entertainment, keen listening, hand position, sound creation, concepts of tempo/volume/dynamics, the joys of making music in an ensemble format, and fun.

  • We can lead an interactive workshop that focuses your guests/clientele/audience on the foundations of working together collaboratively, communicating fully with non-verbal processes (developing keen listening instincts), and re-enforcing the value of team interaction rather than competition. We divide the group into sections and build together from that point.

  • We can create a workshop that focuses on the development of rhythm, melody, and the joys of just playing in a shared experience. This workshop focuses on group learning and shared real time experience.

  • We can create a very educational group learning experience, learning hand position and note making, the development of patterns that turn into parts, and parts that then become songs/pieces. We will develop a strong set of percussion skills and knowledge with our participants. The depth of the workshops are tailored to the audience engaged.

  • We can create specifically focused workshops for corporate/business entities. These will be tailored to your needs: group communication, group interaction and interpersonal interaction, team building, inter-dependency (ensemble) entertainment, and more.