Cosmos Percussion Ensemble

John Hannaford David Hight Alphonse Meredith


Cosmos Percussion Ensemble is a group of Professional Percussionists, John Hannaford, David Hight, and Alphonse Meredith.  These three percussionists have a deep experience background in performing with a range of groups.  We have performed at large festivals (BotlleRock Napa Valley, Earth Day San Francisco-Moscone Center/Civic Center Plaza, Green World Music Festival), respected venues (The Napa Valley Opera House, CIA COPIA), prestigious events (Festival Napa Valley), and venerated clubs (Ashkenaz Berkeley, Last Day Saloon). Cosmos Percussion Ensemble’ has both Headlined, and opened for many amazing bands. We deeply care about the experiences of our audiences.  Our Performances and events will fully engage your audience/guests.  

We can also create an intimate experience for large groups and small gatherings alike.  We can offer a quiet background of soothing Cajons, the warmth of the Conga, or the more present and infectious polyrhythms of the Djembe and Dunun.  We can create a small stage presence; or completely stage our full performances, utilizing 30 to 40 drums.  We have groups of ancillary artists that we can also incorporate into our performances when called for, such as multiple dancing groups, fire artists, and special melodic guests.  We are also able to perform as a percussion section for existing bands, or create a fun and inclusive interactive experience for you and your guests (workshops both private and corporate).   


Cosmos Percussion Ensemble Workshops

We tailor our Workshops to your needs.  All workshops incorporate the values of collaborative work, entrainment and keen listening, hand position and sound creation, concepts of Tempo/Volume/& dynamics, the joys of making music in an ensemble format, and fun.

  • We can lead an interactive workshop that focuses your guests/clientele/audience on the foundations of working together collaboratively, communicating fully with non-verbal processes (developing keen listening instincts), re-enforcing the value of a team rather than competition.  We divide the group into sections and build together from that point.
  • We can create a workshop that focuses on the development of rhythm, melody, and the joys of just playing in a shared experience.  Group learning and shared real time experience.
  • We can create a very educational group learning experience, learning hand position and note making, the development of patterns that turn into parts, parts then become songs/pieces. We will develop a strong set of Percussion skills and knowledge.  The depth of the workshops are tailored to the audience engaged. 
  • We can create specifically focused workshops for corporate / business entities.  These can be tailored to your needs: Group communication, Group interaction and intrapersonal interaction, team building, inter dependency (ensemble) entrainment, and more.