Cosmos Percussion Ensemble

John Hannaford David Hight Alphonse Meredith


Cosmos Percussion Ensemble is a group of professional percussionists: John Hannaford, David Hight, and Alphonse Meredith. These three percussionists have a long and deep experience background in performing and working with a range of musicians and groups.

Cosmos Percussion Ensemble creates and performs original, highly orchestrated, rhythmic and melodic music, which incorporates a fusion of both traditional and contemporary sources. Their music utilizes the voices of many instruments over a wide range of genre.

They have performed at large festivals, respected venues, prestigious events, and venerated clubs. Cosmos Percussion Ensemble has both headlined and opened for many amazing bands. They deeply care about the experiences of thier audiences. Their performances and events will fully engage your audience/guests.

As an extension of their performances, Cosmos Percussion Ensemble is also able to come from the stage and parade into the audience in order to create an interactive experience.

Cosmos Percussion Ensemble is able to create an intimate experience for large groups and small gatherings alike. The group can offer a quiet background of soothing Cajons, the warmth of the Conga, or the more present and infectious polyrhythms of the Djembe and Dunun. They can create a small stage presence, or stage full performances utilizing 30 to 40 drums. The Ensemble has several groups of ancillary artists that they can incorporate into the performances when called for, such as multiple dancing groups, fire artists, and special melodic guests. Cosmos Percussion Ensemble can also perform as a percussion section for existing bands, or create a fun and inclusive interactive experience for you and your guests (workshops both private and corporate).